Shampoo + Conditioner

420,00 DKK
300 ml
The perfect hair care duo - 100% customised for you. Your hair, your formula, your personal touch. Fast & Fresh. Made in Denmark.
  • 100% custom made for you

    While the shampoo cleanses your hair, the conditioner makes sure that you get the right care after the wash. Together they make up the ultimate hair care routine.

  • Vegan and 'No Nasties'

    All LULAB products are vegan and do not contain silicones, parabens, sulphates or mineral oils.

  • LULAB subscription

    Make life easier and subscribe to the LULAB products. You choose how often you would like to receive the products and you can always change your hair profile so the products reflect your current hair needs.

How it works

Hair survey

Complete the survey, and we will analyse your hair needs.


Choose your favourite fragrance and colour of packaging.

Algorithm at work

The algorithm will process your personal input.

Express delivery

We produce and ship your unique products within 1-3 working days.

  • Crisp as Cotton
  • Fruit & Floral
  • Birch & Blossom
  • Coco & Vanilla
  • Sea Breeze
  • Mint & Citrus
  • No scent

The smell of clean sheets, curtains fluttering in the wind, a cool bedroom and freshly washed towels. Crisp As Cotton is for you if you love a classic, clean smell of soap.


Crisp as Cotton

The smell of clean sheets, curtains fluttering in the wind, a cool bedroom and freshly washed towels. Crisp As Cotton is for you if you love a classic, clean smell of soap.

Fruit & Floral

Sweet peaches, green apples, sour lime and juicy melon. All your senses take you straight to your best summer memories when you smell the sweet freshness that is Fruit & Floral.

Birch & Blossom

Soothing lavender and mild orchids or sweet birch juice, round vanilla and aromatic sandalwood? With Birch & Blossom, you get a combination of them all.

Coco & Vanilla

Sweet coconut and warm vanilla combined in a gentle, charming scent. Coco & Vanilla makes you feel like you are on a tropical beach.

Sea Breeze

Distant oceans, clear water, blue skies and horizons. If you love the smell of salt water and fresh wind, then Sea Breeze is for you.

Mint & Citrus

Fresh mint and juicy citrus fruits are united in an elegant and subtle fragrance that softly brings to mind the summer sun.

No scent

You can leave out perfume in your product, but please keep in mind that some of the ingredients might have a natural scent that can add varied smells to your product, depending on its unique formula.

Make it special!

Choose the colour that matches the tiles in your bathroom, the towels, the colour of your beauty bag - or just your mood.

Start your customisation

Custom made for your hair needs

  • Peach

  • Baby Pink

  • Banana

  • Ocean

  • Milk

  • Nude

“My formula is packed with moisture and anti-frizz. The products are, hands down, the best I’ve ever tried for my hair, and they truly define my natural curls. Also, I love Coco & Vanilla! I feel like I am on a beach somewhere tropical every time I use the products.“



”LULAB’s products are gentle but effective at the same time. I love that I don’t have to compromise on either aesthetics or the feeling of luxury just because I need a gentle product that doesn’t contain perfume.”



Unboxing made personal

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