The LULAB Manifesto

Every day should be your best hair day

Extreme Individualism

No 'one size' fits all. Therefore, every single product is tailored to your specific needs, and you can change up your personal formulation, whenever your hair changes due to hormonal fluctuations, coloration, or ageing.


We encourage our customers to buy less and buy better, quality above spontaneity.

Unique Skills for Unique People

We place the individual at the centre of our endeavours; and we only develop products that are (almost) as unique as you are.

The Personal Promise

We ensure that you get more than you dare to ask for, namely, products freed of compromises.

Technology and Innovation

We are pioneers within the sphere of problem solving; and there is no technological challenge that we will not take on. We are determined to be true game changers within our field.

Sustainable Bottom Line

We insist on having a local, Danish production and full transparency throughout the supply chain. We deliver an honest product with no expensive go-betweens, and we only produce on demand.

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