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Stephan, 32 Build-up

”I care about my hair a lot as it’s an important part of me and my look. However, I have to admit that I don’t take a lot of time to pick out the right hair care for myself. That’s why LULAB is the perfect choice for me. The formula is custom made for my hair and needs – and it works! I get to choose my own smell, and I receive the products on a subscription basis, so I never need to worry about running out.”

As a man Stephan uses quite a few styling products, which is why it’s important that hair and scalp are thoroughly cleaned every time he washes his hair. If not, leftover product can accumulate in the scalp. This is what you call ‘build-up’, which can cause itching and imbalance in the scalp and the feeling of greasy hair. To avoid this, Stephan’s formula contains multiple active ingredients that make the hair manageable and easier to style without having to use too many styling products. The formula also focuses on moisture and definition of Stephan’s natural curls as well as actives that result in a healthy scalp.

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